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Local Representative of Exchange vzw in Maputo (#840.445.691) 

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Profile and functions of Local Representatives (LRs) LRs are the local contact of the organization in the focus country and represent Exchange vzw. They are accountable to the Growth Programme manager (PM) and responsible for liaising between the North Team in Belgium (Europe) and the South team in the country in which they operate. LRs follow up the growth programmes periodically, creating the best conditions for them to thrive. They accompany Exchange members and their partners during their missions, taking care of the organizational aspects and supporting their activity, for approximately 15 days a year. LRs constantly look for occasions to develop their network and use it to create new cooperation opportunities, screening, auditing and selecting the most suitable partners. They are proactively gathering information on the business environment, opportunities and struggles in the country, supporting the PM in drafting the Country Strategy Paper. On occasional bases, they are requested to complete contextual tasks. LRs send periodical high-quality reports of their work to the PM. Conditions The LR works under a contract of cooperation with Exchange. They are expected to work on average 10 days per month for Exchange, but their engagement may vary according to periodical needs. The relationship between the LR and Exchange vzw is to be understood as a gentlemen agreement, based on mutual respect, trust and unity of purpose. Our LRs cooperate with Exchange while having an employment contract with other companies/ organisations, meaning this position can be perfectly combined with another job. Required

Qualifications: · Wide network of contacts in the business sector · Work experience and preferably another job. · Solid and effective interpersonal and communication skills. · Strong negotiation and conflict resolution skills. · Strong organizational and time management skills.· Good proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. · Good proficiency in web browsers, email management software and other basic IT software. · Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships internally and externally with different stakeholders, such as Exchange staff, volunteers, entrepreneurs and community partners. · Demonstrated independent thinking, initiative, and creativity. · English and Portuguese is a must. French or Dutch are a plus. If interested, send your CV and a brief presentation about why you would fit the role, in English or Portuguese.
Deadline: 18th of February We look forward to receiving your application! Exchange vzw


Nome da Empresa
Exchange vzw
Descrição da Empresa
Exchange vzw Exchange’s mission is to stimulate entrepreneurship as a sustainable and powerful means against poverty in developing economies. We believe private enterprise is the most powerful engine of growth and job creation. To achieve this goal, Exchange aims at providing companies, organisations and training centres in the partner countries with entrepreneurial expertise and global networks from the North. With a view to achieving sustainable and measurable growth of local enterprises, Exchange wants to be the reference in the direct exchange of knowledge and experience between the North and the target countries with an emphasis on respect for people, profit & planet. More specifically, Exchange vzw supports private small and medium enterprises in their growth ambitions, co-creating with them and European entrepreneurs so called growth programmes. In Exchange’s model, volunteer experts are selected according to local entrepreneur’s requests and needs. Programmes start with a structured preparation, consisting of a feasibility study of the entrepreneur’s aspirations. Subsequently, Exchange mobilizes its network of technical volunteer experts and businesspeople in the North to define a medium to long-term growth programme of cooperation and co-creation with the local entrepreneur. Depending on the case, our consultants´ activities on the field may last from 5 days to a few weeks per visit. All costs of preparation and travel are covered by our organization. Consequently, only local living expenses and accommodation are taken up by the local entrepreneur.
Número de Funcionários
1 - 10
Pessoa de contacto
Marco Valerio

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